Structured Settlements 101

"In a Bind? Need Cash Fast?"  

If you have been up late at night and doing some channel surfing, you have seen these ads.  If you are looking at this guide, we are betting that you are betting it sounds to good to be true.  The claim and enticement of getting your Structured Settlement converted to cash and doing it Tax Free is a very appealing sounding deal.  

Structured settlements are an arrangement in which payments are made over time lawsuit, judgment or an insurance claim. These settlements often include a portion of the settlement up-front, with the remaining balance "structured" into monthly, bi-annual or annual payments. In most states and eyes of the IRS, the payments when doing as a structured settlement are tax free.  Convert that settlement into a lump sum and you may be facing a large bill from the IRS.  

There are many companies whose business is to convert your structured settlement into quick cash.  You need to understand a few things before you get involved on with one.  First, look at multiple companies and select the one that looks the most reputable. Carefully consider your options before you sign over your payments.  Remember, normally the companies who are making the structured payments are large insurance companies or companies with deep pockets.  The risk to the company providing you the lump sum payment is very low.  The deals depends upon the type of structured settlement that the claimant holds.

Most people ask, "How can I make the most of my Financial Windfall?"

This thinking is typically targeted to those who do not qualify for a true Structured settlement lump sum payment. Structured settlement quotes are only offered in time of emergencies.  The seller should be in need of instant cash to meet up to the financial requirements.